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Minimising Risk, Maximising Safety and Performance

About us

ALARP Solutions is a boutique management consultancy that specialises in providing governance, risk management and systems safety solutions. ALARP Solutions is committed to supporting private and government organisation’s seeking to implement credible and robust risk and safety management frameworks, policies and practices that improve business outcomes, whilst also complying with legislation and adopted standards.

We have grown from providing systems safety solutions to a broader whole-of-enterprise approach to risk management. This growth is based on our experience that safety management is unlikely to be appropriate or effective until it is properly considered and supported in a whole of enterprise governance and risk management context. The need for an improved enterprise governance perspective is also recognized and driven through contemporary legislation.    

Our small team of highly qualified and experienced consultants are regarded by industry as leaders in their respective disciplines. We offer specialist expertise in enterprise governance, risk management and systems safety.

Are you a risk and safety professional?

Would you like to become one? 


We are looking for highly motivated and charismatic safety, risk, governance and assurance professionals. Ideally you will have a degree in a science or engineering discipline, and experience in either Defence, Resources, Maritime or Aviation, but your attitude, ability to work in a team and willingness to learn are just as - if not more - important. Email us today with your CV and we will be in touch soon.